Wine glasses

Elegant wine glasses are perfect for special occasions. Enjoy wine from exclusive glasses and enjoy a special moment every evening. Detail

Beer glasses

Elegant, practical and design pieces, in short, you are guaranteed to enjoy beer from our beer glasses. The glasses are made of quality clear or colored glass. Detail

Ancillary goods

Handmade glass bells, vases and candlesticks. Detail

About Company

Although the Harrachov glassworks is engaged in many activities today, glass production remains the heart and lungs of the whole society. Glass was blown in the glassworks in the New World as early as the beginning of the 18th century and probably much earlier. The company Sklárna a minipivovar Novosad a syn Harrachov s.r.o. Today, the Czech Republic is the oldest continuously operating glassworks not only in the Czech Republic, but most likely in the world as well. During its more than three hundred years of history, the glassworks has built a reputation as one of the best glass producers ever. The glass products of the Harrachov glassworks adorned the tables of counts and princes, kings and sultans and even emperors. One of the two surviving vases made for Emperor Francis Joseph I in 1873 can still be seen in the Harrachov Museum of Glass. The products of the Harrachov glassworks made Czech glass famous mainly during many exhibitions, in which the glassworks took part, especially in the second half of the 19th century. The Harrachov glassworks won a gold medal and an honorable mention for its products exhibited at the Great Exhibition of Industrial Works of All Nations, London 1851. Over the next few years, the glassworks exhibited in Paris (1855), Moscow (1872), Philadelphia (1876), Sydney (1879) and many other metropolises around the world. The current production of the Harrachov glassworks is focused primarily on the custom production of handmade luxury drinking glasses. As such, the glassworks employs approximately 100 employees, including about thirty glassmakers. Glassmakers working in the Harrachov smelter are able to decorate their products with various metallurgical techniques, and above all they can melt the enamel in more than thirty different colors. The total production of the Harrachov glassworks is approximately 30,000 glasses per month. The vast majority of products are then exported mainly to the USA and Scandinavia.


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