PhotoItem Assort Collection in which each glass has a different color. PhotoItem Twisted Set with spirally coiled optics on the cup and leg. PhotoItem Snowman Crystal chalice with bell-shaped cluster and colored compact shaped balustral leg. PhotoItem Airtwist The unique ensemble with an "enchanted" air spiral is based on the neo-baroque goblets, which were produced around 1890. PhotoItem Exquisite Set from 1958 Black thread in rosette. One of the most typical sets of Harrachov production. PhotoItem Pearl All-crystal chalice in modern style. Set of calyxes and tumblers, with a tiny bubble at the bottom of the calyx. PhotoItem Robin Unusually compacted leg with colored spiral curled element. Chalice with vertical optics, which is on the chalice 8x. PhotoItem Lamella The crystal modern shape of the chalice is complemented by a stylized leaf called a lamella. PhotoItem Wine Tie ce with an unusually compactly shaped knot shaped foot, which is a Harrachov speciality. PhotoItem Twilight Colorless glass, compactly shaped foot and base of the cup of black color, which creates manganese content.

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