Recommended care for glass

All products of the Harrachov glassworks are shaped exclusively by hand methods, blowing into wooden molds and metallurgical processing. The small differences between the individual glasses in the series prove the use of these manual methods and are proof that you have purchased a unique and inimitable original. Miniature bubbles or fine hairs in the glass are also caused by hand-made glass and are not considered product defects.


Recommended glass care:


  • The products are not intended for serving hot drinks.

  • Never use glasses in microwave ovens.

  • Handle the product carefully to avoid damage or injury. Do not allow small children to handle the glass.

  • When handling glass, avoid contact with hard objects (including glass) to avoid scratching it.

  • Washing the product in the dishwasher is not recommended. Hard, mineral-rich water in the dishwasher can damage the glass as irreversibly as an unsuitable detergent.

  • If you decide to wash the product in the dishwasher, follow the instructions below. Choose a mild detergent. Set a program with a low temperature, or glass-friendly program. At the end of the washing cycle, open the dishwasher door, condensed steam will damage the glass.


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